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Urgent Call to Action: Save Lives During Puppy and Kitten Season In the heart of the Deep South, a season not marked by changing leaves or warmer tides unfolds, but by the countless faces of puppies and kittens born into an overpopulated world without homes to welcome them. Unlike other regions, the Deep South stands alone without spay and neuter laws, leading to an explosion of innocent lives each year during puppy and kitten season. These months turn into a dire situation quickly as shelters, lacking the space and resources, overflow with these newborns. The reality is grim – many of these animals are abandoned, left to fend for themselves against insurmountable odds, or face an even harsher fate in the 100s of kill shelters scattered across the Deep South. The narrative of these innocents is heart-wrenching. Lacking mandatory euthanasia reporting, the truth of their plight often remains untold, leaving the horrifying numbers to grow in the shadows. Though reported statistics point to 690,000 nationwide animal euthanasias last year, this staggering figure only scratches the surface, as it represents the tip of an iceberg, omitting the countless others who perish unseen and unreported within the Deep South's boundaries. This is their silent emergency, a distress signal from the voiceless, calling out for compassion and action from those who can extend a lifeline. The time to act is now. By choosing to adopt one, or even two, of these precious lives, you can offer a chance at happiness that they have never known. Your support doesn't need to end at adoption; donations play a crucial role in ensuring that those still waiting for homes receive the care and medical attention they desperately need. We urge you to spread the word, to bring to light the harsh reality faced by thousands of dogs and cats in the Deep South. Sharing their stories creates ripples of awareness, turning the tide in favor of life and hope. In a world where kindness can sometimes seem in short supply, be the difference. Adopt. Donate. Share. Your actions have the power to rewrite the destiny of the countless innocents condemned to Death Row, not for crimes they've committed, but simply for being born. Together, we can change the narrative from one of despair to one of hope and love.


About Us

No Greater Love Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals in need. Since 2013, we have provided shelter, medical care, and love to over 5,000 abandoned, abused, or neglected animals. We receive no government funding.  Our mission is supported by people like you who love animals and want to help make a difference in their lives.  


What Our Clients Say

Our experience with No Greater Love has been fantastic. They are very dedicated, responsive, reliable. I am blown away by their commitment and compassion for the dogs. Magic has been a wonderful addition to our pack/ family. Highly recommended!!!
This is the best rescue I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many. Not only is their mission something I believe in and admire, but they have gone out of their way to build community amongst the adopters. My vet was impressed with how well annotated and thorough my pet’s records were. I have adopted two dogs from this rescue and I highly recommend them. Their compassion and ethics set them apart from the pack.
We adopted Pollyanna in March 2021 as a 13 week old. She wasn't sure about VT snow to start, but now she thrills in it. She is a joy, who keeps her big brother Jake active and happy. We adore her and No Greater Love for saving her and sending her north to us.
They are a wonderful group that grows with each adoption.
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