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Help Dyna Walk & Play Again!

Meet Dyna, a 6-month old German shepherd. Two weeks ago she was hit by a car and broke her leg. She wasn’t taken to the vet immediately so now it needs

surgery that is going to require complicated metal plates for repair. Instead of seeing to her dog, the owner left going out of town leaving poor Dyna confined outside in pain with two other dogs. She was unable to get to food before the other two dogs consumed it. She is now malnourished. Despite the pain she must be feeling from the injury, this sweet girl has let those taking care of her with love and patience continue with their examination without anesthesia. The owner took her into the vet’s office with a toddler pulling on her ears and Dyna was nothing but the picture of patience. The vet simply couldn’t stand to see her walk away without care & after she was surrendered, they contacted us! We’re so glad they did!


Let’s come together for Dyna! With your help, we can make sure this amazing pup will be able to walk normally again - something all dogs deserve as part of their basic right! We know how hard life can already be- don't let Dyna struggle anymore! Your donation today could give her a better tomorrow!


Donate now and get involved in giving Dyna her chance at hope walking again soon- click here now before it's too late!


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