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Beagle/Pit Bull

Adoption Fee



Meet Our Rainbow Puppies!

Greetings from the Deep South, where the puppy season has brought us not one, but two unique litters that are nothing short of a rainbow. These pups, born from a mom and daughter duo of pit mixes, display a dazzling array of traits that seem to borrow from the best of many breeds – from Lab, Boxer, Bloodhound, to the indescribably adorable.
Each of our rainbow pups is up to date on vaccinations, radiating with health, happiness, and eager anticipation to find their forever homes. Ready for adoption in the New England states, they come with a $200.00 transport fee and a $395.00 adoption fee.

Personality Parade
Lab-Like Lounger: Always found snuggled up in a cozy spot, this pup has the laid-back vibe and friendliness of a classic Lab.
Bouncy Boxer Baby: Full of energy and always ready to play, this little one takes after Boxer characteristics with a love for fun and a spirited personality.
Hound With a Heart: With ears that slightly droop down and an affectionate gaze, we have our very own Bloodhound mix puppy who’s all about those long, sniffing adventures and even longer nap times.
Adorably Undefined: And then, there’s our pup that defies description – a unique mix with a charm that leaves everyone smitten. This pup is the epitome of the unexpected delight you find in a mixed breed.

Adoption Policy

Adoption fee covers age appropriate vaccines (DHPP vax) and (Rabies vax if 12 weeks and older), up-to-date on flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention, worming, heartworm test at age 6 months or older, microchip, fostering costs and health certificate. Thank you for your understanding and consideration and for helping the dogs and puppies in need! We do not adopt to anyone under the age of 21.

*Location & Transportation:* Our delightful puppies are currently staying with their foster family in Alabama. However, don't let the distance deter you! For a $200 transport fee, we can arrange for their safe journey to Vermont once the adoption is finalized. If you prefer, you can also pick up your new fur-baby in Alabama without any transportation fee.

*Responsibilities as a New Pet Owner:* When you welcome a new puppy into your home, you're taking on many responsibilities. This includes providing a safe and nurturing environment, regular veterinary care, training, and lots of love and attention. We're here to help guide you through this journey, and ensure a smooth and happy transition for your new fluffy family member.

Adoption Fee



- You must be at least 21 years of age.

- All members in your household should agree on adopting a pet.

- Complete an application form:

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