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Legacy Giving: The Lasting Impact of Remembering Us in Your Will

When considering the imprint we leave on the world, many of us ponder the legacy we will leave behind. Legacy giving, or remembering an organization in your will, offers a profound way to make a lasting impact that resonates beyond a lifetime. Here are the key benefits of including our organization in your estate planning, ensuring that your values and vision continue to make a difference in the future.

Tax Benefits

Understanding the financial implications of estate planning is crucial, and tax benefits stand out as a significant advantage of legacy giving. Currently, estates valued over $11.7 million are subject to federal taxes, and state taxes may apply at even lower values. By choosing to leave a charitable bequest, you engage in a legitimate strategy to reduce your overall taxable estate, ensuring more of your assets are used according to your wishes rather than being consumed by taxes.


Committing to a charitable bequest doesn't mean losing control over your assets during your lifetime. One of the most appealing aspects of this form of giving is its flexibility. You can adjust the beneficiaries and amounts in your will at any time, except in the case of irrevocable trusts. This adaptability means that if your circumstances or intentions change, your estate plan can change with them, offering peace of mind that your philanthropic goals align with your evolving life situation.

Create a Legacy

Perhaps the most compelling reason to remember our organization in your will is the opportunity to create a lasting legacy. This form of giving allows you to extend your impact well into the future, contributing to a cause you're passionate about even after you're gone. Your charitable bequest signifies a commitment to the values and causes you hold dear. It’s a powerful way to be remembered, knowing that your generosity will continue to benefit the animals that mean so much to you. And who knows? This act of giving might even result in your name being memorialized in a way that honors your contribution for generations to come.


Remembering our organization in your will is more than a financial transaction; it's a statement about the kind of world you want to help create. It's about leveraging the tax benefits and flexibility provided by charitable bequests to leave a lasting legacy. By choosing to make this commitment, you ensure that your values live on, impacting lives and shaping the future in meaningful ways.

We invite you to consider the lasting impact that legacy giving can have—not just for our organization but for the world at large. It’s a beautiful way to be remembered, a testament to the difference one person can make. If you’re considering this generous act or would like more information about how your gift can contribute to our mission, please reach out. Together, we can explore how your legacy can leave an indelible mark on the world.

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