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Join us in our mission to Clear the Shelters and save innocent lives! The situation in the Deep South is dire, with adoptions decreasing and the number of stray animals increasing rapidly. Tragically, dogs and cats are being euthanized simply because there isn't enough space to accommodate them all. These animals are highly adoptable and deserve a chance at a loving home. By adopting one of these amazing dogs for just $150, you can make a difference. They are not only friendly towards dogs and kids, but most of them get along with cats too. Plus, they are spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Don't let these innocent animals suffer for circumstances beyond their control. Help us clear Death Row by giving them a second chance at life. Dogs are fostered in Alabama but can be transported to the New England states.


No Greater Love Rescue is an animal rescue based in the Deep South that has been saving thousands of animals since 2013. We take on all types of animals without prejudice, no matter what their breed or age, and especially those with medical issues. We believe every life deserves a second chance and we strive to give these discarded souls hope when the situation seems hopeless. Our mission is to find loving homes for each pet we save by transporting them from Alabama to New England states where there are more strict animal laws; giving them a happy ending they deserve regardless of their backstory. Our vision is for a world where all dogs and cats have been saved from tragedy, abuse, neglect and overcrowding in shelters: providing them safety, security and love through adoption into forever homes!  We believe every animal deserves a home!

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