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Picture long walks in the park, cuddles on the couch, and a loyal companion by your side. Ivory, a charming 8-week-old Lab Mastiff mix, is more than just a pet; they're the sweet new addition your family has been searching for. With their playful spirit and a heart full of love, Ivory is sure to bring a burst of joy and excitement to your home.

Up to date with shots and raised with the utmost care since birth, Ivory is healthy, happy, and raring to start a new adventure with you. Imagine being greeted by those wagging tails and bright, eager eyes every day. And with their super sweet nature, your new pup will be the friend you've always dreamed of - someone who's always there, through thick and thin.

Your perfect puppy awaits! For just a $295 adoption fee, make Ivory part of your life today. Ivory can be transported to the New England area for an additional $200. Alternatively, you can greet your newest family member right here in AL at no extra transport cost. Remember, your entire household has to be on board, and adoptees must be over 21.

Are you ready to bring home your new best friend? Fill out our easy adoption application and get one step closer to bringing Ivory into your home.

Our adoption process is carefully designed to ensure that every pet finds their perfect forever home. We want to make sure that Ivory is the right fit for your family and lifestyle, and that you are fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of pet ownership.


Once we receive your application, our team will review it and reach out to you within 48 hours.
Don’t miss out on the pitter-patter of puppy feet in your home. Contact us now to start your journey with Ivory!

Adoption Policy

Adoption fee is $295 which covers age appropriate vaccines (DHPP vax) and (Rabies vax if 12 weeks and older), up-to-date on flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention, worming, heartworm test at age 6 months or older, microchip, fostering costs and health certificate. Thank you for your understanding and consideration and for helping the dogs and puppies in need! We do not adopt to anyone under the age of 21.

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