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Meet the Puppies: A Box of Chocolates Awaiting Your Love

Imagine a box of chocolates – a delightful surprise awaits with each one you pick. Now think of a litter of adorable puppies, each with its distinct look and boundless love to offer, begging for your embrace. That’s right, these pups are like your favorite assortment – varied on the outside but uniformly sweet on the inside.

Our rescue mission has brought in a litter of puppies that, while their breed mix remains a mystery, are undeniably 100% pure puppy – brimming with energetic fun and an eagerness to play and please.
At first glance, you might bet their lineage favors the lab family, known for their friendly demeanor and devotion. And although we couldn’t definitively nail down their heritage, one thing is clear: they shine with joy after being rescued from a high-kill shelter, where they huddled together as strays in below-freezing temperatures.

A Rescue Tail Wrapped in Hope
Each of these puppies, thriving despite a rough start, showcases resilience and hope. Their tale tugs at the heartstrings, sparking an emotional connection with anyone who believes in second chances and the unconditional love dogs provide. As they playfully frolic in their temporary haven, you can almost hear them whispering their silent gratitude for being safe and sound – and for the prospect of finding that special someone who will guide them into a warm, caring forever home.

The Adoption Journey
Embarking on the adventure of bringing one of these charming puppies into your home is straightforward
and rooted in care:
Family Consensus: Make sure your household is united in the decision to grow with the addition of a furry friend.
Adoption Application: Fill out our application at, ensuring you meet the 21-year age requirement.
Adoption Fee: A modest fee of $295 supports our ongoing rescue efforts. If you reside in the northeast, your chosen pup can travel to you for an extra $200.
Connect with us via our website at or email at to explore the possibility of offering a lifetime of love to one of these darling pups.

A Commitment for Life
As these puppies prance into your life, remember that adoption is a commitment – a guarantee of your time, energy, and heart to your new companion. You take on a wonderful responsibility to nurture them with training, proper nutrition, attentive grooming, regular exercise, and loving healthcare. It’s not just about saving a life; it’s about enriching yours, too.
These puppies are waiting for their chance to charm you, to wiggle their tails into your world, and to be the newest, sweetest addition to your family. Could your home be the haven they dream of? Adopt and let your story together begin.
Let the journey begin today. 🐾

Adoption Policy

Adoption fee is $295 which covers age appropriate vaccines (DHPP vax) and (Rabies vax if 12 weeks and older), up-to-date on flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention, worming, heartworm test at age 6 months or older, microchip, fostering costs and health certificate. Thank you for your understanding and consideration and for helping the dogs and puppies in need! We do not adopt to anyone under the age of 21.

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